First time naked

My first time nude was in 1986 at Rincon Beach in Santa Barbara, California, when I was 16 years old. I ‘d been bare at home when no one else was home and was and still am a swimmer so I was used to having next to nothing on.

I saw a publication in the travel part of the bookstore about California nude beaches and found Rincon was the closest to me. Pre GPS, I got out a Thomas Guide and figured out where to get off the highway.

I ‘d a Speedo on underneath just in case I backed out and still wanted to enjoy the beach with next to nothing on. I walked the beach to the bare place, put my towel down, dropped my shorts, and sat down. It took only about 30 minutes I’d say to begin being comfy and to actually get up to walk around. Any fears of “delight” went away fast and has never been a problem.

I visited this beach almost everyday during the summer making the one hour drive each way.

My subsequent obstacle was getting my girlfriend years after to attempt. She was , and also would say she would do it, but would never remove her swimsuit when we got there. After several times, she eventually went topless and then nude. It finally became prohibited to go naked at Rincon and there is nothing closer to love.

Nudity was enjoyed in our house ever since. After wedding, we purchased a house with a totally private backyard and may take pleasure in the yard and pool bare. We made it a point to raise our children naked additionally (now ages 4 – 10) and they don’t have any issues with it.

A close friend I work with knows I ‘m a nudist and has come to our house with his wife to try. He eventually brought his two children and they took to it right away when seeing our kids nude also. The amazing thing is children take to it naturally and it’s not as difficult as when you start it at an old age.

I am now 43 and enjoy residing in a nude environment. I look forward to the ending of the day when I can strip my clothes off at home and just be comfortable with nothing. Still being a swimmer, a Speedo is occasionally too much for me and I wish they still had the previous days at the YMCA where swimming was done bare.

Van Nuys, California
First Time 50 years or 1 month

We moved to CA when I was 33, bought a house and had a pool constructed. I quickly began skinny-dippin’ at night. My daughter would frequently join me. When she left home to join the Navy I started cleaning the pool in the nude, in the day of course. When I was 44 my company sent us to the Bahamas to put in a missile monitoring station. They’d a nude beach which my partner and I visited. She maintained it was naked because there were never any people on it. I began taking off my skimpy swim suit after a week or so and after about a month I simply left it in the luggage compartment of the vehicle. One day we had walked about 3 miles down the beach and turned to go back. Around the first bend in the shore we saw 3 couples walking toward us in city clothes. It was high tide so we went into the water so they would have room to pass without becoming wet. When they were even with us they inquired if we lived on the isle and we responded “yes.” Subsequently they barraged us with questions-what did we do for recreation, cost of living, etc? We somewhat pointed at the seashore, water and some nice shells we’d picked up. As we got to our car one of the men asked if I was not sort of embarrassed being the only naked man in a group of eight. I looked down and said “Gosh, I AM naked! You know it IS a nude beach and I ‘d presume YOU’d be embarrassed wearing clothes.” Fast forward thirty years, my wife fell into fragile health and I lost her five years later. Our last serious chat she suggested I marry again and I should join a “nudist colony.” After she passed I spent a miserable month and then remembered her suggestion. I printed out the free first time visitor pass and went to Glen Eden. I met many nice folks, swam a lot, basked in the sun and that night I slept all night with no tears. The following week I took the motor home and dogs and went again for just two nights. Again I slept like a baby all night. Imagine what? The next week I joined and got a Gold Seal gate pass. I just dwell 17 miles so I go out about every other day and my sleepless nights have practically evaporated. So now, was I a nudist when I skinny dipped in my own pool or on my first trip to GE?

-Jim W
Riverside, California
What did you expect?

After many years of wrestling with all the thought,
I eventually made it to a naturist resort in beautiful Palm Springs. I was seconds away from stepping outside for my first ever encounter, when someone rapped on the doorway. Without thinking I popped it open to discover a lovely but entirely clothed woman standing there. Seemingly she had the wrong room number. I am proud of the very fact that I did not even flinch. Her direct eye contact was as if it was set in stone. However, when she turned to leave she actually “got an eye full” as she walked away.

My first idea was something like, “Well, what did you expect, feathers?” So, with that thought in mind I went outside and began the finest and most relaxing vacation I had ever had. Needless to say, I haven’t looked back,
except to laugh. Then, I became a
practicing naturist and I’m proud of it.

-Doug from Michigan
Marshall, Michigan
Adding to my bucket list

My first encounter was at Blacks Beach in La Jolla California. I was there only out of boot camp and while in my “A” school I kept hearing about the nude beach in La Jolla. I had started a bucket list of stuff I needed to do in life a few years earlier and got to thinking….why not? I could add this to my bucket list!! I am 3000 miles from anyone I know, it’d be fantastic to say that once when I was 24, I went to a nude beach.

One of my “A” school friends and I chose to give it a shot on our last weekend in San Diego. We were a bit nervous as we headed to the beach. Eventually when we got there, we elected to walk up and down the seashore with our clothes on and then decided to shed our clothing!

We were both amazed at how fast we became comfortable with being nude, we truly felt more uneasy when we’d clothing on and nobody else did! We stayed for a number of hours, swimming, enjoying the sunshine, and having an excellent time. Funny story about that trip, I dozed off on the shore. Not certain what I was dreaming about, but I started to have an erection and it woke me up and I had to sit up and cover up, and was quite embarrassed. In 22 years since that point, it is still the sole spontaneous erection I have ever had at a nude resort. When people ask me questions about being a nudist, that is only one of the most frequently asked questions, plus it just doesnt occur.

as soon as I returned home from that first encounter, I believed that was it. I didnt know it existed elsewhere. Several years later, after moving to South Carolina, I somehow found out about a resort in the Columbia, SC area. They have an annual even called Nudestock and I spent the weekend there and was caught! Now everywhere I go, I appear to see what nudist resorts are in the area.

I ‘ve a whole change in my self body image. Before my first experience I was very self conscious of my body….now I am extremely confident in my body. I feel amazing when the sunshine, winds, and water caress my body…it is totally a completely freeing experience! I talk openly about my encounters and have taken several individuals for their first experiences and never has anyone had a poor encounter.

-Rob Messner
Summerville, South Carolina
Free at Last

My first time naked encounter occurred when a friend of mine talked me into going to a clothes optional get together at health club with her. I was unbelievably nervous the entire week before but I was comitted to doing it. We entered the club and went to what was marked as the women’s locker room to undress. The very first thing I saw was a man taking his briefs off. My buddy saw my confusion and laughingly said “everything’s coed here.” We got a couple of lockers.

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She was nude very quickly. I had taken my shirt and shorts off but froze there; too nervous to take anything else away. I kept looking around at who else was in the room and was just plain nervous. I attempted to unhook my bra but my hands were shaking so badly I couldn’t manage it. My buddy took care of it for me. So there I was topless. I quickly shed my panties and put everything in the locker before I lost my nerve. What a feeling once I walked out of that locker room totally bare iin front of 100 individuals. It was exhilirating and embarassing at the exact same time. But there I was hiding noothing. We headed for the pool. Swimming around naked felt so good and it kind of felt I was covered. Next came the sauna for about 5 minutes to dry off. By the time we exited the sauna I felt absolutely comfortable with being bare and wondered what all my nervousness was about. I was hooked. This was great. So freeing. We went over to observe the volleyball game for a while. When that match finished I joined the next game. OMG. Was young russian nudism or what? Here I was bouncing across the volleyball court totally nude and loving every second of it. It struck me that in about a half hour I went from petrifed to take my bra away to cavorting nude. I was so free. We stayed for over two hours and I loathed to put clothing on after. LOL. That was it for me. I became a nudist. That was about 20 years past and I’ve never looked back.


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