My Naturist Epiphany and Naturist Story Part 1: Obstacles To Becoming A Nudie

Guest website by: Wayne Brake
My name is Wayne, but this is a pseudonym I feel compelled to use because reasons. To not sound glib but we do live in a really clothed, erclosed-minded society where nudists and naturists are persecuted, particularly at work. I know for a fact that if I came out as a naturist to my family and friends they’d likely try to perform some sort of gymnophobia-flavored intervention / exorcism on me. *le sigh*
My Naturist Epiphany
I am in my mid-forties and I Have been a practicing naturist for about five years now. I say “practicing” because I’ve been a naturist at heart since my early teens.
Reflecting on this now I recognize how curative this was. Because of this, I grew up with some pretty crippling body image problems. I could not even bring myself to wear shorts and t-shirts in public. Even during the hottest days of summer I Had be bundled up in jeans and long-sleeved tops, constantly flirting with the threat of heat prostration.
It was not until I reached my thirties that I became vaguely Well, I think I was 14 or 15…. in my own skin.
A few years after I learned that there was a clothing-optional beach only a short drive away from me. One Sunday afternoon I led my wife and a close friend out that way for a hike. I roughly knew where the naked beach was and I blatantly led them to the outskirts, keen on gaging their reaction for this.
HUGE FREAKIN’ ERROR, by the way. As soon as we got within line of sight of Driving naked is like having a mobile nudist resort! I mean standing predominately on a tall rock my pal, who has extremely poor vision, took this opportunity to pipe up.
“I’ve never been so happy to be blind in my entire life.”
Undeniably amusing, yes, but it made me believe: Does one think he’s suddenly going to run over here and start doing gratuitous squats in front of you?’
Really, North Americans suffer from more body horror problems as opposed to typical David Cronenberg movie.
Then, in 2007, I seen a friend in Vancouver. To test the waters again I asked him to take me to that world-famous naturist Mecca, Wreck Beach. He instantly reacted quite violently to my request:
Oh, no!

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Trust me, you don’t wanna go there. Not the sort of folks you wanna see nude, ifyouknowwhutI’msayin’.”
Just how can I describe this to him? I don’t wanna see other people naked, I wanna be naked. I wanna be completely immersed in the components without the burden of a wet, chilly, clingy swimsuit. I don’t need any obstacles between me, the surf, the sand and the sun. I simply wanna commune with Mama Nature in the only method which makes sense in my experience.’
But given his palpable hostility I quickly lost the subject and moved on. * Strike two*
Even though my thoughts were becoming more daring, I was still a very long way from taking the plunge into nudism myself. Silently I desired nothing more than to wade from the water nude and wander along the playa in relaxation, all the while focusing on my all over George Hamilton-style suntan.
Baby steps, I understand, but it felt wonderful and it just made sense if you ask me.
But it would require a couple more pivotal experiences before I became a full-fledged, card-carrying naturist. And the impetus for this would come from an entirely unexpected source.
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About the author: Wayne Brake is a nudist writer and activist. You can take a look at his naturist-friendly site ‘In NatureNaturally’ right here:
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