My very first time at a nude beach was at Little Beach in Hawaii. I’d

gone over and stayed back from the beach getting up enough nerve to go over to the beach. Eventually decided it was something I had desired to do, so walked on down, found a spot and took off my swimsuit. The next measure was to get up and go play in the water that I did.

Another time was at a warm springtime and there was another person there sitting in a seat nude.

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After sitting in the springtime for awhile, I got out as well as enjoyed the sunlight naked additionally. At first when other people came, I would place the towel over me, but after observing him, I had the courage to remain uncovered with the next few individuals that came. One couple came and he stripped down to get in the springtime, the lady though transformed into a swimsuit with him holding the towel up. She did loosen up some and would let her top straps down. When the top slide a little to show one breast and so she casually pulled it upward again. It looked like she wanted to join in, or at least go topless, but simply could never move ahead with it.

My recent brave move was to go out naked in the yard of the condo we were staying at with my wife. She isn’t into nudism and so occasionally when we’re alone someone and I ‘ve gone bare, she isn’t really approving. But it’s early in the year and I was longing to get some nude time in the sun, so just walked right outside and put on the lounge chair. With the solitude wall at this place, I was hoping she wouldn’t say anything or be upset. She joined me in her bikini and appeared comfortable with me laying out nude. Later on she took her top off which was . After she eased her bottoms off and joined . Even more astonishing was the next day when we were going outside to catch some sun. She did not even bother to put her bikini on, but simply went straight out naked. There were still other times that she still wore her bikini, but encouraging that she was willing to do some nude sunbathing. Looking forward to the summer with her to see how far she is willing to really go.

One last time to relate was when I was at a little resevoir and was putting on a inflatable mat floating on the water. I had on some swimwear that had some clasps, so I released the clasps and enjoyed floating on the mat bare. There were boats going by and a few others on the shore, but it felt so fine. I’ve done this again once I got past the initial first time. Always keep them handy in case a ranger comes by.

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