On my 4th day at Wreck beach, arriving there at 10AM,I found a great area to lay out my towel and soak up some rays, naked of course.

A few hours later I could hear some female conversation near me, so I sat up and grabbed a bottle of water to drink.

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I said; hello. One of them asked me how often I go to Wreck. I replied that I was from http://videonudism.com/young and that this was my 4th day here. They were locals from Vancouver and this was their very first time at wreck beach. At this stage, they’d gotten around to removing their tops.

Subsequently, another one asks me ‘How come none of the men get Boners?’ To which I answered ‘That hardly ever happens on a nude beach,believe it or not’. Then I asked them ‘How do you like this location, so far? The consensus was ‘ We don’t have loud mouth jerks hitting us up every 5 minutes like at the other beaches!’ At this stage, all 3 removed their undersides. I said ‘Welcome to the Club’.

At this time, I told them that I’m going for a dip in the ocean to cool off. as soon as I got back to my towel, one of them remarked that the water must be cold! I’m one who is quite substantial in click , but the cold shrivels it up!

We chatted for a while longer, then we went our different ways due to some younger guys that looked to be crowding the area which were clothed in board shorts and T Shirts.(mindless).

I think the 3 Young Ladies are HOOKED on the Nudist Lifestyle.

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